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Eleven brands of pinto beans are compared, with data gathered on the number of calories per can and the number of grams of protein per can. The data is shown in the table below and graphed in the scatterplot.

Pinto Beans
Calories Protein_grams
1 560 38
2 616 39
3 625 37
4 635 41
4 643 47
6 663 42
7 680 48
8 687 44
9 695 45
10 715 51
11 720 41

The linear equation that best fits the data is $P = 0.06C + 3.5$, where C represents the number of calories and P represents the number of grams of protein in each can.

Part 1:
In statistics, a residual is defined as the difference between the actual y-value of a selected data point and the predicted y-value that would be found using the linear equation as a model. Calculate the residual for the 720-calorie can of pinto beans.
Select Option 41 grams46.7 grams-5.7 grams5.7 grams

Part 2:
Using the linear equation, assume that two brands of pinto beans are being compared, with the first brand having 12 more grams of protein than the second brand. How many more calories does the first brand have?
Select Option 0.72 calories72 calories200 calories141.67 calories

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