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In an effort to promote recycling, thus helping to eliminate pollution to local streams, Smithville city administrators have decided to implement penalties for households refusing to participate in the city’s free recycling program. The local streams being affected begin in the city limits but extend into rural areas of the county, as well.

The city has provided recycling bins and free pickup to all households within city limits for the time being. In addition to offering this free service, administrators decided to also offer families an incentive for recycling large items, such as couches, refrigerators, and tires.

Many citizens of the town are reluctant to participate in the city’s new program. City administrators argue that because the program is free of charge, citizens should be willing to participate in the new program. City administrators have also encouraged county officials to offer similar incentives to those who live outside the city limits, free of charge.

Which of the following, if true, is counter to the city administrators' plan to improve the environment of their city?


Some citizens who live within city limits already recycle.


A third-party recycling venue has not been considered, causing turmoil within the town.


Other towns have implemented similar programs, but after five years, they have not seen a significant reduction in pollution of streams.


The recycling program is offered only to those living within city limits.


The recycling company charges fees for overloaded bins, causing families to incur some cost for recycling.

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