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In order to alleviate traffic congestion and promote the use of public transportation in and out of Brigston, the mayor and the chief of transportation have proposed to the city council a plan to institute a $2.50 access toll to non-residents driving into the city. This plan claims that more visitors will utilize the public transportation system since the toll would increase the cost of traveling into Brigston by personal car.

If true, which of the following statements BEST highlights the flaw in this reasoning?


The significant majority of the traffic in Brigston is from residents traveling within the city.


Drivers polled stated that the fee was not steep enough to influence them to switch to public transportation.


Most people already using public transportation options do not own vehicles.


The tolls will not cover the cost of administering the program.


Increased cost of parking fees, gasoline, and car maintenance already increase the cost of traveling into Brigston.

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