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Many studies have found a correlation between violence portrayed in movies, television and video games and real-life violence in the children who view and interact with such media. One such study found that after viewing a video in which a specific type of toy was punched repeatedly, children were more likely to punch that same toy when presented with the opportunity.

This led researchers to conclude that viewing the violent video led to the children being more violent. Critics, however, disagreed with this conclusion.

Which of the following provides the strongest alternative explanation for the children’s behavior?


The toy in the video is meant to be punched, and the children believed the video was instructional.


The children were merely mimicking the behaviors of the researchers, who punched the toy first.


The methodology of the study was flawed, with overt instruction being given by the researchers for the children to punch the toy.


The children who punched the toy came from homes in which violence was commonplace.


Children are incapable of understanding violent behavior and view punching as fun.

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