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A recent study by the Center for Open Science attempted to replicate the results of 98 different psychological studies published in reputable journals, an approach used to measure the reliability of results. The Center for Open Science found that only 39% of the original findings could be replicated, and the effects that could be replicated were, in general, much smaller in significance than those published. This study led to severe concern over whether published psychological research results are reliable at all.

Which of the following conclusions can reasonably be drawn from the situation above?


The Center for Open Science has much higher standards than the teams who produced the original studies.


More money needs to be dedicated towards reputable research in order to make sure the right studies are published.


The journals that published the original studies need to work harder to replicate the findings before they publish research findings.


More funding needs to be dedicated towards testing and replicating research before publishing results.


Psychological research is based too much on subjective interpretation of findings instead of empirical evidence.

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