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Mr. Tate’s Spanish Club is planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands next fall. Mr. Tate has had numerous meetings with students and parents about the demands of the trip. Mr. Tate is experiencing frustration because, after his last meeting, many of the parents withdrew their children’s deposits for the trip. The last meeting focused on the risk involved with the trip, as presented by the State Travel Department.

Mr. Tate is now concerned he will not have enough students to meet his quota. Mr. Tate speaks with another teacher who is taking her students to New York City. She tells him that interest in her trip has increased in the recent weeks. Mr. Tate is planning another parent meeting, where parents will be able to express their concerns about the trip.

Based on the information above, which of the following is most likely the reason Mr. Tate has seen a decline in interest for his trip?

I. Mr. Tate's students who have cancelled their trip with him did so to go on a better trip with the other teacher.

II. Mr. Tate raised concerns at his last meeting, causing parents to feel uncomfortable about sending their children on the trip.

III. Parents are concerned because a volcano has recently erupted in the area in which students will be traveling.


I only


II only


I and II only


III only


II and III only

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