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Live stock market tickers (often seen on financial websites and cable networks) display the most recent trading information for publicly traded corporations. Here is an example of a ticker display:

VZ 3.32K @ 38.77 $\uparrow$ 2.27

The example above indicates that Verizon (VZ) stock was just traded at a price of \$38.77 per share. This price is \$2.27 higher than the previous closing price for Verizon stock. 3.32 thousand (3,320) shares of stock were exchanged.

An investment firm (Firm A) had considered selling its stock in Bank of America (BAC) just before closing yesterday but instead decided to wait until today to sell its stock. Calculate how much more total value the firm received by selling today instead of yesterday, with the sale registered by the ticker display below:

BAC 4K @ P $\uparrow$ C

Another investment firm (Firm B) purchases 2,000 shares of Micron Technology (MU). The total value of the purchase is \$13,640. The previous closing price for Micron was \$6.97 per share. Write the complete stock market ticker entry for this purchase.

Difference in total value regarding firm A

Stock market ticker regarding firm B

$ 4000P

$ 4000C

$ 4000(P – C)

$ 4000(C – P)

MU 2K @ 6.82 $\uparrow$ 0.15

MU 2K @ 6.82 $\downarrow$ 0.15

MU 2K @ 6.97 $\uparrow$ 0.15

MU 2K @ 6.97 $\downarrow$ 0.15

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