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Suzanne, a quilt enthusiast, is planning a design for her newest project, a baby's quilt. A large star, formed by extending the sides of a regular hexagon, is the centerpiece of her quilt top. She has enough purple and green fabric on hand to make the star but must buy the pink fabric.

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If the purple and green fabric used is a total of $\cfrac{3}{4}\text{ yd}^2$, how many square yards of pink fabric must Suzanne buy?


$\cfrac{1}{6}\text{ yd}^2$


$\cfrac{1}{4}\text{ yd}^2$


$\cfrac{1}{3}\text{ yd}^2$


$\cfrac{1}{2}\text{ yd}^2$


$\cfrac{3}{4}\text{ yd}^2$

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