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Store Building Manager: I would like to replace all High Vent Systems in my office with New Line Systems.

Regional Store Manager: Why?

Store Building Manager: It will cost less to hire and train technicians to maintain the New Line Systems.

Regional Store Manager: This reason is not sufficient to install a new system as you could simply hire technicians who already are trained on the High Vent Systems.

If true, which of the following most reasonably objects to the Regional Store Manager's position on maintaining the High Vent Systems?


The cost of parts for High Vent systems is also much more expensive than that of New Line systems.


The level of productivity of the store building manager’s employees falls below the average line for the Regional Manager's entire store load.


High Vent technicians are certified for hire after a rigorous training program, and, therefore, cost more to hire than New Line technicians who are trained on the job.


Once technicians are hired for the High Vent Systems, they tend to move to other companies quickly.


Currently, all technicians in the company are required to attend training seminars on how to install and maintain High Vent Systems.

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