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Description of Vantablack

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"It’s like Staring ‘into a Black Hole': World’s Darkest Material Will Be Used to Make Very Stealthy Aircraft, Better Telescopes | ExtremeTech." ExtremeTech. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Dec. 2015.

Comparison to Other Materials

Scientific Description of the Vantablack

Consider each of the following statements. Does the information in the three sources support the inference as stated?



"Direct sunlight provides illumination of about 100,000 lux (a measurement unit of light intensity). Vantablack would reflect less than 100 lux from direct sunlight."

"Vantablack could absorb energy from microwaves and radio waves, and thus make it difficult to be detected by radar."

"When exposed to light, charcoal would reflect at least 1,000 times more light than Vantablack."

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