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A large Wall Street firm that regularly handles multi-million dollar accounts advertises for employment. The firm’s website emphasizes, “the professional manner in which we handle business,” and the job posting describes in detail the expectations of the position and the required education and training.

A young woman meets all of the specifications and feels she would be a good fit for the firm and applies for the position. As part of her pre-employment screening, she must log into her social networking accounts and allow a human resources manager to view the content of those accounts. Along with photos of meals she has eaten at nice restaurants and posts about her travels, there are several photos of her at bars consuming alcoholic beverages. The latter were not posted by her but were posted by friends who then tagged her in the photos.

She must also undergo a background screening, submit a copy of her driving record, and talk with a psychologist employed by the firm.. A week after the screening she is informed that she will not be offered an interview for the position. She inquires further into the decision not to hire her and is told that she has questionable activity on her social networking sites that does not meet the standards of the firm.

Which of the following most effectively weakens the firm’s decision?


She can go back and delete any questionable material to meet the standards of the firm, if they just tell her what presents problems.


The job posting clearly states the ways in which the firm expects its employees to represent the firm, and lists social media presence as a potential area of scrutiny in hiring decisions.


She is highly accomplished in all of the necessary areas of the position for which she is applying, so her social networking should have no bearing on her hiring.


The settings on her accounts are all set to private, so that no one outside of her social networking circles can view the content.


Any potential issues would have shown up in the more invasive reviews, like the psychological analysis, and social networking should be less important than that.

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