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Two wildlife refuges are considering expanding their grounds by annexing adjacent lands for preservation. Data is collected on several wildlife refuges of similar area, and the areas and monthly operating costs are given below.

Land areas (square miles) 1.2 1.7 1.8 2.0 3.0 3.9 4.7 6.8
Monthly operating costs (dollars) 19,100 29,219 31,098 34,854 38,589 47,146 81,307 120,631

Wildlife refuge A has a current area of 3.2 square miles. Estimate its monthly operating cost based on the data above.

Wildlife refuge B has a current area of 6.8 square miles, but is looking to expand by 3.0 square miles​. Use the data above to estimate the monthly operating cost for this refuge after a purchase of 3.0 additional square miles.

Note: the rate of increase in cost with additional land purchased is not constant. In other words, if you currently have 6.8 square miles, the price you will pay for 3 additional square miles is different from the price you’d pay if you currently had 1.2 square miles.

Refuge A operating cost

Refuge B operating cost

$ 41,162

$ 42,868

$ 40,491

$ 176,809

$ 159,220

$ 139,357

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