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At the end of Act II, Hamlet is clearly excited about the upcoming performance of the play.

Along with his need for confirmation of the ghost’s tale, what is another relevant reason for his anticipation of the play?


He yearns to win back Ophelia and believes that after witnessing his involvement with the play, she will desire a reunion with him.


He has a great love for the theatre and has not had sufficient opportunity to channel his creativity in the dramatic arts.


He is energized by the prospect of validation from members of the audience when they witness the reenactment of the murder and express shock at the brazen crime.


He longs to entertain his mother, and needs her to see that he is not mad, but the same charismatic, gifted son she has always known.


He relishes the idea of a scripted, clearly delineated course free of ambiguity about how one should achieve one’s goals and proceed in life.

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