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Which of the following is not a characterization of Claudius by Shakespeare?


He tells Hamlet that his persistent grief is unmanly and shows a will most incorrect to heaven because he is an officious and self-important man.


He goes along with Polonius’s plan to spy on Hamlet and Ophelia because he is a gullible man who is susceptible to the wild theories of others.


He demonstrates a consciousness of his sins but acknowledges that he does not feel adequate remorse to sacrifice what he has gained from his crime against his brother because he is cold-hearted and selfish.


He encourages Laertes to pursue carefully planned revenge against Hamlet and manipulates Laertes into attacking him with his poison sword because he is self-serving and wishes to remain unimpeachable.


He claims that Gertrude has fallen because she has fainted at the sight of blood because he privileges his own life above others and will sacrifice those he loves he most to achieve his own nefarious ends.

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