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Madness is a prevalent motif throughout Hamlet. Which of the following statements about madness can be supported by events in the story?


Madness is a state of disorientation brought about by external factors that traumatize the sufferer and compromise his or her ability to think clearly and behave responsibly.


Madness is a state of disorientation brought about as a willful response to external traumatizing factors, and serves an expression of power by the individual in order to reject the ugliness of reality.


Madness is an unpredictable, capricious occurrence in people’s lives; everyone is vulnerable to the onset of madness because anyone can be struck by madness at any time.


Madness is the state of psychological deterioration brought about by evil action; those who suffer from madness have been afflicted as a direct result of their wickedness.


Madness is a predictable affliction for those who are vulnerable and weak and cannot countenance life’s challenges due to their inferior social status.

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