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Of the following statements, which most accurately captures the main idea of Hamlet’s soliloquy at the end of Act IV, Scene iv?


Hamlet feels like an oblivious beast who merely exists, and he wishes for the kind of passion and wherewithal that sparked Fortinbras’s ill-advised military action against Poland.


Hamlet would rather be a beast that simply exists than a human being encumbered by thoughts and scruples, and believes revenge should be left to ambitious souls like Fortinbras who are not prone to contemplation.


Hamlet feels like a neglected beast who lacks the means to achieve revenge and he feels envious of Fortinbras, who seems to have endless means at his disposal for the accomplishment of his goals.


Hamlet wants to be more than a mere beast and wishes to use his powers of reason to harness the abundant means at his disposal to achieve revenge, and he marvels at Fortinbras’s capacity for action motivated by mere principle.


Hamlet wishes he could unleash a beastly violence upon Claudius and curses his habit for contemplation that has caused his restraint, and he admires Fortinbras for embracing his beastly side.

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