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There are only two female characters in Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude. Both of them suffer considerably from the actions of the men in their lives.

Which statement most accurately conveys the thematic meaning Shakespeare expresses through their experiences?


He emphasizes the weakness and inconstancy of women, underscoring the necessity for women to be dependent on men for all things in life.


He illustrates the dangers of not thinking for oneself; one must be independent-minded and not overly reliant on members of the opposite sex for one’s happiness.


He expresses the need for women to be regarded with respect and afforded independence and autonomy.


He underscores the problem of female vulnerability and stresses the fact that women’s behavior tends to deplete the patience of the men in their lives.


He conveys the hysterical nature of women and emphasizes the truth that their suffering is often the result of their own overdramatizing of many situations.

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