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After the ghost informs Hamlet that “The serpent that did sting his father's life, now wears his crown,” Hamlet exclaims, “O my prophetic soul! My uncle!”

What implied meaning does Hamlet convey in this line?


That he feels shocked and surprised by this revelation about his uncle, and he is staggered by the idea of his uncle harming his father.


That he felt confident that Claudius was responsible for his father’s death and the ghost has validated his suspicion.


That he feels overcome with anger at Claudius for the cold-blooded, premeditated murder of his father.


That he has felt resentment and distrust for his uncle, and his intuitive suspicion of Claudius was clearly prescient.


That despite his resentment for Claudius, he instinctively felt that Claudius was a decent person and he is shocked that his instincts betrayed him.

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