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What conclusion do Claudius and Polonius reach regarding Fortinbras after hearing Cornelius and Voltimand’s report?


They assume that his compliance to the Norwegian king’s request is a ploy intended to distract the king from his true intention: the invasion of Denmark.


They trust that the Norwegian king has curtailed Fortinbras’s scheme and that Fortinbras is no longer a substantial threat to Denmark.


They regard the Norwegian king’s letter as a hollow act of diplomacy and recognize that the king is out of touch with important realities in his kingdom.


They suspect that the king supports Fortinbras in his plan to recover Norway’s lost land and see the appropriation of funds for Fortinbras’s army as evidence of this.


They fear that Fortinbras’s sudden tractability is suspicious enough to warrant continued vigilance, and likewise consider the king suspicious.

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