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What is the result of Cornelius and Voltimand’s diplomatic visit to Norway?


They receive assurance from the king of Norway that Fortinbras has only made plans to invade Poland, and has no interest in invading Denmark.


They are told to ready themselves for conflict, because Fortinbras has gathered weapons and formed a militia and now makes his way toward Denmark.


They receive assurance that Fortinbras has never had interest in reclaiming land from Denmark and has long since forgiven King Hamlet for his father’s death.


They are told that the king of Norway will only prevent Fortinbras’s invasion of Denmark if Denmark relinquishes the territory Fortinbras seeks to reclaim.


They are informed that the king of Norway has discovered Fortinbras’s plans to invade Denmark, and that the king diverted Fortinbras into attacking Poland instead.

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