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Which of the following statements most relevantly captures the tragic nature of Hamlet’s character at the end of the play?


He has not achieved revenge as a result of his own scheming, but has only killed Claudius as a result of falling victim to someone else’s revenge plot; he is not the master of his own destiny.


He has not apprehended the folly of pursuing revenge, and hasn’t taken full responsibility for his role in the downfall of other characters in the story; he is misguided until the end.


He has not accomplished revenge early enough; he should not have hesitated, and should have killed Claudius immediately when the ghost charged him with avenging his death.


He has not admitted to suffering from madness; although his behavior clearly indicates a break with reality, he will not acknowledge that he has undergone a significant change.


He has not revealed the details of his story to anyone; although he has had opportunities to share what the ghost laid out for him, he has kept it to himself, so no one understands the motive for his behavior.

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