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Kurtz's final words are "The horror, the horror" (section 3). Why does Marlow consider these words a victory?


Marlow realizes that Kurtz understands that the raping of ivory should be stopped to save the endangered elephants.


Marlow realizes that Kurtz understands that he should not have become involved with his African mistress and he wants Marlow to prevent his intended from discovering the truth.


Marlow realizes that Kurtz had something to say, even though Marlow is unsure of what Kurtz's realization was. In Marlow's eyes, Kurtz doesn't die without an epiphany.


Marlow realizes that Kurtz regrets journeying into the Heart of Darkness and that it is horrible that he won't be able to return to Europe.


Marlow realizes that Kurtz is upset that there is still ivory to obtain and that all of his hard work has been in vain.

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