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If you were to receive the following CBC (complete blood count) lab report of a patient – “Suzie Q” – that recently showed signs of cellulitis in the last 5 days, what could you conclude from her report?

Tests: CBC Differential
Patient: Suzie Q

Cell Type Results Reference Range Units
T Cells 70.0 27-56 10$^3$ ul
B Cells 33.0 12.0-32 10$^3$ ul
Neutrophils 189.0 40-74 10$^3$ ul
Macrophages 44.0 4.0-13 10$^3$ ul
Eosinophils 3.0 0-7 10$^3$ ul
Basophils 2.0 0-3 10$^3$ ul

Suzie has been vaccinated against the pathogen causing her cellulitis.


The cause of Suzie’s cellulitis is bacterial.


The cause of Suzie’s cellulitis is viral.


The cause of Suzie’s cellulitis is parasitic.


Suzie has never had this infection before.

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