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The process of lymphocyte entry into lymph nodes occurs in four stages on High Endothelial Venules (HEV): rolling, activation, adhesion, and diapedesis. Each stage requires specific molecules including selectins, chemokines, and integrins.

From the choices below, select the process that is involved in the rolling of lymphocytes on HEV.


The integrin LFA-1 on T lymphocytes binds to ICAM1 or ICAM2 on high endothelial venules.


The selectin, CD62L or L-selectin, on T lymphocytes binds to the selectins, CD62P and CD62E (i.e., P and E selectins).


The chemokine, CCL21, bound on high endothelial venules activates integrins, such as LFA-1, on T lymphocytes.


The cell uses the chemokine receptor, CCR7, and the integrin, LFA-1, to traverse endothelial cells expressing CCL21 and ICAM1 or ICAM2.

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