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After conversing with St. John about his marriage proposal once more, Jane reveals,

"The Impossible--I.E., my marriage with St. John--was fast becoming the Possible."

Which of the following quotations marks the point at which Jane begins to change her mind about St. John?


"I could resist St. John's wrath: I grew pliant as a reed under his kindness."


"I felt veneration for St. John-- veneration so strong that its impetus thrust me at once to the point I had so long shunned."


"No doubt he had invoked the help of the Holy Spirit to subdue the anger I had roused in him, and now believed he had forgiven me once more."


"If I listened to human pride, I should say no more to you of marriage with me; but I listen to my duty, and keep steadily in view my first aim."


"He had spoken earnestly, mildly: his look was not, indeed, that of a lover beholding his mistress, but it was that of a pastor recalling his wandering sheep."

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