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After the situation with Mr. Mason, Jane admits that she is glad to be of service to Rochester. He puts this claim to the test, stating:

For instance, the night before I am married! I am sure I shall not be able to sleep. Will you promise to sit up with me to bear me company? To you I can talk of my lovely one: for now you have seen her and know her.

Using your prior knowledge of Rochester, which answer choice is NOT a reasonable explanation as to why he would ask Jane this question?


The question reveals that Rochester is conflicted about his relationships with Blanche and Jane.


Rochester wants to see if the question arouses any sense of jealousy in Jane.


Rochester is able to speak with Jane more openly than any other permanent resident of Thornfield Hall, so he hopes that even this subject is not off limits.


The idea of commitment seems to frighten Rochester, but he can bear the idea if Jane is nearby.


Rochester wants to test the merit of their friendship by seeing if Jane would really allow him to speak excitedly about a subject he knows is unfavorable to her.

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