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Which of the following statements best encapsulates Jane's opinion of her self-worth in Chapter 16?


"You are not beautiful either, and perhaps Mr. Rochester approves you; at any rate, you have often felt as if he did; and last night, remember his words; remember his look; remember his voice!"


"And now I looked much better than I did when Bessie saw me; I had more colour and more flesh, more life, more vivacity, because I had brighter hopes and keener enjoyments."


"Bessie Leaven had said I was quite a lady; and she spoke truthI was a lady."


"'You,' I said, 'a favourite with Mr. Rochester? You gifted with the power of pleasing him? You of importance to him in any way? Go! your folly sickens me.'"


"I hastened to drive from my mind the hateful notion I had been conceiving respecting Grace Poole; it disgusted me. I compared myself with her, and found we were different."

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