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Brontë writes, "Bessie, when she heard this narrative, sighed and said, 'Poor Miss Jane is to be pitied, too, Abbot.'"

Which of the following quotations best characterizes the relationship between Bessie and Jane?


"'Oh! I daresay she is crying because she could not go out with Missis in the carriage,' interposed Bessie."


"Hold her arms, Miss Abbot: she's like a mad cat."


"You ought to be aware, Miss, that you are under obligations to Mrs. Reed: she keeps you: if she were to turn you off, you would have to go to the poorhouse."


"I have long wanted to see you, and when I heard that there had been a letter from you, and that you were going to another part of the country, I thought I'd just set off, and get a look at you before you were quite out of my reach."


"Oh, you are quite a lady, Miss Jane! I knew you would be: you will get on whether your relations notice you or not."

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