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While still in disguise as the gypsy, Rochester speaks to Jane about Blanche. He reveals:

I know she considers the Rochester estate eligible to the last degree; though (God pardon me!) I told her something on that point about an hour ago which made her look wondrous grave: the corners of her mouth fell half an inch. I would advise her blackaviced suitor to look out: if another comes, with a longer or clearer rent-roll, he's dished.

What is Rochester's PRIMARY motivation for sharing this information with both Blanche and Jane?


He is looking for opportunities to discover Jane's true feelings about him.


He wants to compare Jane and Blanche's reactions to discovering that he is "poor."


He would rather find an indirect means of getting rid of Blanche.


Speaking ill of himself makes the disguise more believable.


He wants an indirect way to inform Jane that Blanche is only interested in him for his money.

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