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When Jane and Rochester's wedding is interrupted by the revelation that Mr. Rochester is still married, he claims:

Compare these clear eyes with the red balls yonder--this face with that mask--this form with that bulk; then judge me, priest of the gospel and man of the law, and remember with what judgment ye judge ye shall be judged!

What does this statement reveal about Mr. Rochester?


He loves Jane but lacks morality since he will not repent for deceiving the governess and almost committing bigamy.


He is a very literal person and feels that his marriage to Jane is legitimate since Bertha is essentially dead.


He has once again allowed passion to overrule his sense of discernment.


He is somewhat disconnected from reality since he did not consider the consequences of illegally marrying Jane.


He is somewhat self-pitying since he laments that he cannot have a better life with Jane.

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