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In relation to Rosamond Oliver, Jane reports,

She would canter up to the door on her pony, followed by a mounted livery servant. Anything more exquisite than her appearance, in her purple habit, with her Amazon's cap of black velvet placed gracefully above the long curls that kissed her cheek and floated to her shoulders, can scarcely be imagined: and it was thus she would enter the rustic building, and glide through the dazzled ranks of the village children.

Which of the following statements best fits with Rosamond's characterization?


She is beautiful, but weighed down by her materalism.


She is devoted to helping St. John with all of his endeavors.


She is well-meaning, but has difficulty understanding individuals of lower social classes.


She is threatened by Jane's relationship with St. John and the children of Morton.


She is a kind-hearted person, even if she might be slightly superficial.

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