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When Jane finally enters the portion of Thornfield that is off limits to most of its employees, she finds a wounded Mr. Mason. As she tends to his injuries, Jane sees:

A great cabinet opposite--whose front, divided into twelve panels, bore, in grim design, the heads of the twelve apostles, each enclosed in its separate panel as in a frame; while above them at the top rose an ebon crucifix and a dying Christ.

Which of the following explanations is NOT supported by the text as to why Brontë might include religious imagery in this chapter?


To draw a comparison between Christ's blood and the bleeding Mr. Mason


The focus on faith and eternity adds to the tension concerning Mr. Mason's mortality.


The mentioning of Judas foreshadows the fact that Mr. Rochester has a traitor in his midst.


To heighten the sense of wonder Jane feels because she is close to the mysterious Grace Poole's chambers


To draw a comparison between the "physician, Luke" and Jane as she tends to the injured Mr. Mason

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