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In relation to Bertha Mason Rochester's family, Mr. Rochester claims:

My bride's mother I had never seen: I understood she was dead. The honeymoon over, I learned my mistake; she was only mad, and shut up in a lunatic asylum. There was a younger brother, too--a complete dumb idiot. The elder one, whom you have seen (and whom I cannot hate, whilst I abhor all his kindred, because he has some grains of affection in his feeble mind, shown in the continued interest he takes in his wretched sister, and also in a dog-like attachment he once bore me), will probably be in the same state one day.

What does this quotation reveal about Victorian conceptions of mental health?


People believed that women were much more susceptible to mental illness than men.


People believed that immorality led to mental illness.


People viewed marriages as dissolved if one partner suffered from a mental illness.


Even generally kind people believed that cruelty was acceptable towards mentally ill individuals.


People felt as though mental illness was hereditary and extremely serious.

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