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Villains! You did not so, when your vile daggers
Hacked one another in the sides of Caesar.
You showed your teeth like apes, and fawned like hounds,
And bowed like bondmen, kissing Caesar's feet;
Whilst damned Casca, like a cur, behind
Struck Caesar on the neck. O you flatters! (5.1.40-46)

What is Antony's purpose for calling Cassius and Brutus flatters in the quote above?


Antony wants to be sure that Brutus and Cassius know his true feelings for them; he feels as though they were betrayed and are looked upon as villains because Casca stabbed Caesar so ruthlessly when they were engaged in conversation with him.


Antony is expressing that he knows how the murder of Caesar was truly carried out. Brutus and Cassius are not innocent of anything; they were flattering Caesar only to distract him so that Casca could stab him.


Antony is attempting to create camaraderie between himself and Brutus and Cassius; he worries that they will attempt to assassinate him as they did Caesar. He wants them to know that he is aware of how their plan was carried out.


Antony thinks that such villains, like Brutus and Cassius, would be good to have on his side for future battles. He attempts to get in their good graces by speaking in a flattering manner.


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