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I tell you that which you, yourselves do know,
Show you swear Caesar's wounds, poor poor dumb mouths,
And bid them speak for me. But were I Brutus,
And Brutus Antony, there were an Antony
Would ruffle up your spirits, and put a tongue
In every wound of Caesar that would move
The stones of Rome to rise in mutiny. (3.2.217-224)

In the above quote, which TWO literary devices does Antony use and why?


Personification and metaphor. These are used to provide ammunition for Antony in his quest to avenge Caesar's death. He uses this technique to establish the support he needs to take his revenge. In showing the wounds to the citizens and 'giving them mouths' to speak, he establishes a more concrete defense for his desire of revenge.


Simile and allusion. Antony compares the wounds to mouths so that the wounds can speak for themselves and justify the insane actions that were taken against Caesar. He alludes to the vindictive qualities of the conspirators and the violent actions they performed.


Pun and oxymoron. Antony incorporates humor to keep the simple citizens interested in what he has to say.


Alliteration is the only literary device used. Antony incorporates this to make it more aurally pleasing for the commoners; he views it as a way to capture their attention and retain the information he is presenting.


None of the choices are devices seen in the passage.

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