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Cassius and Brutus are contemplating their military strategy and tactics for the upcoming battle.

Which strategy best exemplifies Cassius' opinion for the next step their army should take and why?


Cassius thinks they should send out a few of their men to bait Antony and Octavius; then, they would be able to attack them in a sporadic way, catching them off guard.


They should meet them half way so they are on neutral ground; if this is the plan they go with, then no one will have an advantage, and the battle will be more equal.


The should sit and wait for them to come attack; if they go with this strategy, their men will be more rested rather than fatigued from travelling.


They should throw the white flag in and forfeit the war; however, this could serve as a trick, convincing Antony and Octavius to stand down, making them more vulnerable for a surprise attack.


They should retreat a little farther in hopes that the distance will tire out the other army.

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