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Read the following passage between Brutus and Caesar. What word best describes Caesar's character here and what is the meaning of Brutus' line?

Caesar: "Good friends, go And taste some wine with me,
And we (like friends) will straightway go together." (2.2.127-128)

Brutus: (Aside) "That every like is not the same, O Caesar,
The heart of Brutus earns to think upon." (2.2.129-130)


Obstinate; Brutus realizes that Caesar is one of his good friends and he cannot betray him.


Naive; Brutus seems like he almost feels sorry for Caesar because Caesar doesn't realize that these people are not really his friends.


Frivolous; Brutus thinks that he may be wrong in taking part in killing Caesar and he is saddened by it.


Timid; Brutus realizes that Caesar needs to be put in his place because he has no true friends.


Haughty; Brutus is ready to kill Caesar now because he is tired of his attitude that he's better than everyone else.



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