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How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia!
I am ashamed I did yield to them. (2.2-105-106)
And reason to my love is liable. (2.2.104)

Which of the following themes is best seen in the following quote?


Absolute power corrupts. The thought of anything happening to himself baffles Caesar. His awareness to everything around has been eliminated because he feels as though he is invincible and nothing can stop him.


The effects of ambition. Caesar's ambition outweighs his ability to see things in a clear perspective. He is blinded by the power he craves and his ambition seems to be Caesar's ultimate hubris.


Fate vs Free Will. Despite Calpurnia's insistence that Caesar stay home because of the superstitious dream she had, Caesar refuses to view himself as an ordinary human whom fate, at any moment, can take.


Gender Roles. Because Calpurnia is a woman, and women are not looked at to make decisions or even voice their opinions, Calpurnia's concern for her husband is shunned,


None of the choices are applicable

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