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This day I breathed first. Time is come round,
And where I did begin, there shall I end.
My life is run his compass. (5.3.24-26)

What literary device is being used and what can be inferred by the meaning of Cassius' statement?


Simile; Cassius realizes that his life is just like a compass because of the battle for Caesar's life taking place not long ago and now it's come full circle and is a battle for his life.


Metaphor; Cassius is seeing his life to be the compass and understands that he has gone to all corners of the device, ending where he once began.


Irony; Cassius sees that the end is upon him and realizes the irony in the fact that this is the day on which he was actually born.


Personification; Cassius is hoping to give his life one last opportunity to live and explore as he goes into battle with Antony.


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