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Hence! Home, you idle creatures, get you home!
Is this a holiday? ought not walk upon a laboring day...Speak, what trade art thou? (1.1.1-5)

In Act I, scene I, the universal theme of class conflict is apparent.

Based on Flavius' question to one of the commoners, which statement is NOT a good indication of the soldier's viewpoint of this theme?


In the middle of the day, the soldiers expect to see no one on the streets other than the elite because all middle class commoners should be working to make their living rather than taking time off.


The question Flavius poses is an inquiry to find out if the man is of their status and should be walking around with no purpose.


Flavius looks down upon the man based on his outer appearance, knowing that the man is not of a higher class.


Flavius is attempting to establish comradery with the commoner because there is no social barrier between a soldier and a commoner; they are among the same level of status.


Flavius' question was an attempt to display his disapproval of a lower class citizen not engaging in his trade and spending his time as a higher class citizen would.

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