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Flavius tells Marullus to "Disrobe the images, if you do find them decked with ceremonies," (1.1.64-65)

What does this statement imply?


Flavius is trying to maintain the dignity of Caesar and doesn't want graffiti tainting his honor.


Flavius is displaying his loyalty to Caesar by contributing to the maintenance of his statue.


Flavius considers Caesar to be a man of worth who deserves nothing less than a joyful return; his statues are the only ones that should have decor on them.


Flavius dislikes Caesar and everything he stands for in Rome; in order to display his disregard for Caesar, he wishes to take away any adoration presented to him.


Because Caesar is returning from battle, Flavius feels that the robes that decorate his statue do not justly reflect the war-like environment from which he is returning.

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