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And when you saw his chariot but appear,
Have you not made a universal shout,
That Tiber trembled underneath her banks
to hear the replication of your sounds
made in her concave shores? (1.1.45-49)

What literary device is used in the above quote, and what is the quote's meaning?


Simile. The statement is being used to chastise the citizens for having ever doubted Caesar and supporting Pompey.


Personification. The statement is being used to foment change and create doubt among the fickle citizens so they are no longer supporting Caesar.


Metaphor. The statement is being used to create doubt in the citizens' minds as to why they would support a leader who killed their previous one.


Pun. The play on words is being used to justify why the citizens should be happy that Caesar is their new ruler.


Zeugma. This statement is meant to remind citizens what a glorious leader they have.

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