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Which of the following quotes suggests Octavius' lack of respect for Brutus and what is the inferred meaning?


"Not that we love words better, as you do'" (5.1.28)

The quote implies that Brutus is unable to fight, but he can really talk a good game.


"Good words are better than bad strokes;" (5.1.29)

the quote is implying that Brutus should stick to making speeches rather than venturing out to the battlefield.


"Words before blows; is it so, countrymen?" (5.1.27)

This quote implies that nothing less than words would be expected of Brutus because he's a coward.


"In your bad strokes, you give good words;" (5.1.30)

the quote implies that Brutus' words hurt more than his actions.


Both 'A' and 'B'

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