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Which quote BEST represents the theme of betrayal and why?


"They shouted thrice; what was the last cry for?" (1.2.226)

The citizens of Rome have realized that they no longer wish to be under the rule of a tyrant like Caesar. They are crying out because they refuse to believe he is being offered the crown for the third time. Their denial of Caesar as their ruler can be seen as betrayal.


"He thinks too much: such men are dangerous." (1.2.196)

This quote demonstrates the theme of betrayal because Caesar sees that Cassius is a plotter. Caesar realizes that "thinkers" are more dangerous than fighters because they are able to devise plans.


I will and so near will I be,
That your best friends shall wish I had been further. (2.2.125-126)

This quote suggests the immediate betrayal of Caesar by one of his men. Trebonius is ready to throw Caesar to the conspirators rather than protect him.


Choices B and C


None of the choices present the theme of betrayal.

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