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Caesar says

Remember that you call on me today;
Be near me, that I may remember you. (2.2.123-124)

What is not the meaning of and reason for Trebonius saying the following line aside,

Caesar, I will (aside) and so near I will be,
That your best friends will wish I had been further. (2.2.125-126)


Trebonius was attempting to ensure he was speaking to the side of Caesar's head where he best hears.


Trebonius says this aside so the audience knows what he is thinking but the other characters do not.


Trebonius is saying this to foreshadow that harmful events to come for Caesar.


Trebonius is verifying that he is against Caesar and will willingly take part in the conspiracy.


Trebonious is mocking the fact that Caesar is inviting his enemies to stay as close to him as possible.

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