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Which of the following BEST summarizes the narrative development of Act 1, Scene 1?


King Lear’s three daughters gather together and conspire to usurp the monarchy; the Earl of Kent overhears their conversation and argues with himself about how best to reveal the news to the king.


Kent and the Earl of Gloucester meet to determine whether the Duke of Albany or the Duke of Cornwall should be appointed overseer of Lear’s kingdom. Gloucester’s son Edmund joins them, and puts in his vote for Albany.


King Lear gathers his closest advisors together to determine whether his youngest daughter, Cordelia, will marry the King of France or the Duke of Burgundy. Cordelia defiantly refuses to marry Burgundy – the wealthier of the two suitors – and chooses France for his gentler nature. Her refusal throws Lear into a tailspin; and the king banishes both his daughter and Kent – who sides with her – in a rage.


Lear gathers together his daughters, their husbands and prospective husbands, in order to apportion the kingdom. But this apportionment depends upon shows of love by all three daughters; his youngest daughter, Cordelia, does not perform as he desires her to. Enraged by Cordelia’s failure to comply, Lear both disowns his daughter and banishes Kent.


Jealous of the favor the king bestows upon their younger sister, Goneril and Regan enlist Gloucester’s son Edmund to plant a fake letter from Cordelia to the King of France in Lear’s chamber. The letter swears that Cordelia’s heart belongs to France, no matter whom she is forced to marry.

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