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In Act 1, Scene 4, Lear begins to realize that, in giving up his kingdom as he did, he has lost something of himself as well. But he is not the only character to come to this realization.

Which of the below is NOT a reflection on the characters’ parts of Lear’s loss of self?


“Put away / These dispositions, that of late transform you / From what you rightly are.” (1.4.224-6)


“Lear’s shadow.” (1.4.237)


“This is not Lear: / Doth Lear walk thus? speak thus? Where are his eyes?” (1.4.231-2)


“That, like an engine, wrench'd my frame of nature / From the fix'd place.” (1.4.280-1)


“My lord, I am guiltless, as I am ignorant / Of what hath moved you.” (1.4.286-7)

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