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In Act 4, Scene 7, Cordelia makes reference to a hypothetical canine in this speech:

Was this a face
To be opposed against the warring winds?
To stand against the deep dread-bolted thunder?
In the most terrible and nimble stroke
Of quick, cross lightning? to watch--poor perdu!--
With this thin helm? Mine enemy's dog,
Though he had bit me, should have stood that night
Against my fire; and wast thou fain, poor father,
To hovel thee with swine, and rogues forlorn,
In short and musty straw? Alack, alack!
'Tis wonder that thy life and wits at once
Had not concluded all.

The figure of the dog here serves to indicate:

Select ALL that apply.


how disheveled Lear is from his time in the storm.


how cruel Cordelia’s sisters have been.


how unlike her sisters Cordelia is.


how severe the storm was.


how undeserving Lear was of such treatment.

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