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Which of the answer choices that follows best explains the significance of the passage below?

Now a great wind blew the rain sideways, cascading the water from the forest trees. On the mountain-top the parachute filled and moved; the figure slid, rose to its feet, spun, swayed down through a vastness of wet air and trod with ungainly feet the tops of the high trees; falling, still falling, it sank toward the beach and the boys rushed screaming into the darkness. The parachute took the figure forward, furrowing the lagoon, and bumped it over the reef and out to sea.


The passage shows readers the end of the storm, which foreshadows the end of the fight between Ralph and Jack and the chance to begin again fresh.


The passage describes how the storm whisks the dead pilot off the island, which destroys any hope of the boys realizing the "beast" isn't real.


The passage illustrates the raw power of nature, the true ruler of the island, and makes it clear that nothing is safe from its power.


The passage indicates that the boys are still terrified of the pilot's corpse and shows them run in fear from it as it descends to the beach.


The passage shows that, above all, rain has the power to cleanse both literally and symbolically.

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