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Which of the following most accurately describes what is revealed about Ralph in the passage below?

"'Piggy's specs!' shouted Ralph. 'If the fire's all out, we'll need them!'

He stopped shouting and swayed on his feet. Piggy was only just visible, bumbling up from the beach. Ralph looked at the horizon, then up to the mountain. Was it better to fetch Piggy's glasses, or would the ship have gone? Or if they climbed on, supposing the fire was all out, and they had to watch Piggy crawling nearer and the ship sinking under the horizon? Balanced on a high peak of need, agonized by indecision, Ralph cried out:

'Oh God, oh God!'"


The excerpt shows us that in spite of his chiefly title, Ralph is unsure and indecisive under pressure.


The passage suggests that Ralph is the only boy clear-headed enough to think logically; only he remembers the need for Piggy's glasses.


The quotation illustrates that Ralph depends upon his faith in God to help him get through this ordeal.


The scene reveals that Ralph has lost hope in rescue just as the boys have lost their smoke.


The passage indicates that, unlike Piggy, Ralph understands the need to react quickly when crises arise.

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